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First Direct Foreign Exchange Rates

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Making an international payment with First Direct

Payments overseas can be made in sterling or foreign currency. as well as transmitting funds directly into foreign bank accounts we are also able to make funds available for collection at foreign bank counters on production of suitable identification. Some countries will not automatically credit funds received from abroad to the beneficiary's account.The bank may want to speak to the beneficiary prior to putting the money into their account. you may therefore wish to suggest to the beneficiary that they advise their bank that a payment is expected from abroad

When making payments to accounts abroad the information that we need is dependent on the destination If the account you are sending a payment to is in the EU /EEA First Direct will require

- The bank and beneficiary name
- The beneficiary BIC Branch Identifier Code
- The beneficiary International Bank Account Number
- The amount you wish to send in sterling or local currency
- The payment reason?

There are two ways of transferring funds within the EU.The fIrst is by Priority Payment where by monies take up to three business weekdays to arrive, the second method is by SEPA transfer, these payments are for amounts up to 50,000 euros and will take up to five business weekdays to arrive.

All banks apply cut off times for the processing of payments to different parts of the world where an exchange rate from one currency to an other is required the appropriate First Direct exchange rate applicable at the time of effecting the transaction will be used.

If you use a currency often then First Direct offer international personal accounts where a choice of accounts is available in a range of major currencies.As well as international accounts First Direct offer international banker’s draft where they can supply drafts drawn on banks payable in 140 countries.

This is an ideal way of sending a gift of money or to pay for goods and services If the draft is presented at a different bank or branch to that on which it is drawn, then delays and additional costs may be incurred. under normal circumstances, drafts must be paid into the payee’s account and cannot be cashed issuing your standard personalized cheques to beneficiaries abroad as outlined in your First direct account.

Forward Contracts with First Direct

Consumers and businesses can purchase and sell foreign currency at a date in the future called forward contracts using an exchange rate on the date it is booked. For up to date exchange rates and Forward contract rates you need to call your bank.

Should you need to transfer funds to another bank account in the uk, where same day value is essential, First direct will be able to act on your instructions. In order to make the payment, you will need to tell First direct the beneficiary’s bank account details.

Faster Payments with First Direct

If the amount is under 10k you can transfer funds 24 hours a day seven days a week free of charge. This is free of charge from first direct through their bill payment service. Amounts over 10,000 will take three business weekdays to arrive.

Electronic Funds Transfer with First Direct

The electronic funds transfer service is for higher value amounts and First Direct need to receive the instruction before 3.15 pm on a business weekday.

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